The Fred Steele Tudor

Historic and original 50’s show car.

If you’re a hot-rodder on the East Coast you’ll undoubtedly have heard of the Ty-Rods – one of the original car clubs from the 1950’s and who are still running strong today. One of the original members, Fred Steele, built himself a 1928 Tudor show car back in 1958 and somehow it got preserved over many decades until being bought by northern-californian Marcus Edell in 2016.
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Canepa Motorsports Open House

Season opener in Scott Valley.

Deep in the hills above Santa Cruz rests Bruce Canepa’s magical castle, stuffed with exotic automotive treasures and the rarest of the rare motorsports machinery. Legendary unicorns like the last 427 Cobra, the last Porsche 935 produced, the Leon Duray Miller Special, Dale Earnhardt’s NASCAR, and on and on.

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Monday Motorvation : Model T POWER

For today’s Motorvation Monday, check out Brian Blain’s very modified 1925 Ford Model-T Lakester. He’s running what looks like a 178ci 4-banger with Rajo BB-R heads (note the 2 spark plugs per head) with a homemade overhead cam conversion. These photos were taken at this year’s Race of Gentlemen at Pismo beach where this little bucket ran quick!
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