Monday Motorvation : Model T POWER

For today’s Motorvation Monday, check out Brian Blain’s very modified 1925 Ford Model-T Lakester. He’s running what looks like a 178ci 4-banger with Rajo BB-R heads (note the 2 spark plugs per head) with a homemade overhead cam conversion. These photos were taken at this year’s Race of Gentlemen at Pismo beach where this little bucket ran quick!
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1936 Ford at Ford Ord

The Duchess wanders through some quickly eroding California history.

Originally built during WWI and closed in 1994, 2000 acre Fort Ord has been home to countless troops during every major American engagement including the entire 7th infantry division. It is now home to a university, state park, national monument and Laguna Seca race track but many of the original buildings and infrastructure remain. And if you explore long enough you can find some nice spots to snap a shot of your favorite car!

  • 1936 Ford Fort Ord

TROG – Pre-war Passion on Pismo Beach

Pre-war beach racing comes to California to change car shows forever.

I’ve known Mel Stultz since before The Race of Gentleman. We were car-club brothers and even then he would drive everyone mad with his endless dreams, schemes and ideas of making car events fun again.

Racing, speedways, dare-devils. Fuel, fire, mayhem. It was all he ever talked about.
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