Analog Run 2016

Bad jokes, good lies, waxing moons and fireflies.

Anyone who loves riding motorcycles gets it.
All we’re really chasing is a little freedom, and those two-wheel moments slicing through some newly discovered back-road are about as close as we can get.
Sharing that freedom with friends takes the whole gig up a dozen notches. And folks are catching on. There are dozens of ‘runs’ with new ones popping up every year. Complete with sponsors, accommodations, bands and free wi-fi, these can attract hundreds of riders. But to capture the real magic you have to eliminate distractions, not add them. And that’s what the Analog Run is all about.
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TROG – Pre-war Passion on Pismo Beach

Pre-war beach racing comes to California to change car shows forever.

I’ve known Mel Stultz since before The Race of Gentleman. We were car-club brothers and even then he would drive everyone mad with his endless dreams, schemes and ideas of making car events fun again.

Racing, speedways, dare-devils. Fuel, fire, mayhem. It was all he ever talked about.
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