Born Free Sportsman’s Cup

The best racing weekend that you probably missed.

This August the Born Free guys decided to throw a party for their racing friends and everyone was invited. There were a dozen or so classes of racing – from pit-bikes to tank-shifting flatheads to hooligan bikes, camping, a swap-meet and car-show, and great music from Gethen Jenkins and plenty of 805 beer.

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Brave Star Denim

My quest for an honest, American-Made denim jacket led me to California!

The timeless American denim jacket, omnipresent in the pantheon of American Cool since its birth in the 1800’s on Sacramento street in San Francisco when Levi Strauss answered the call from dock-workers and gold-miners clamoring for real clothes that wouldn’t fall apart when pushed hard.

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East Coast Style

The Kustom Kills show returns to Brooklyn. You got a problem with that?

Let’s face it, California is hot-rod nirvana. Between the weather, the history, the builders & the money, the shows and the culture, there is probably nowhere else on earth more accommodating to lovers of the old steel. But don’t be fooled into thinking there’s no scene on the east coast. There is. It’s got deep roots and the cars are like the drivers – tough as hell.
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Let’s Go To The World’s Biggest Car Museum!

A visit to the madness that is the Schlumpf collection in Mulhouse France is bucket-list worthy.

Nestled in the city of Mulhouse, France, near the borders of Germany and Switzerland, is an old textile factory containing an astounding collection of European automotive history. If you ever find yourself in this part of the world you must experience it.
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Monterey Motorsports Reunion

Motorsports nirvana at Laguna Seca.

If there is a heaven for car lovers it probably is a lot like the paddock at Laguna Seca during Monterey Car Week. Over 500 remarkable cars from all eras of motorsports history are selected to spend the weekend racing around the iconic track and visitors can ramble through the paddock among these incredible machines and their drivers.
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Bonneville Nights

When the sun goes down the rods come out.

When you experience something truly special with others it is inevitable that connections are made. After a day on the salt most of the speed and adventure seekers find their way back to Wendover and the Nugget parking lot to unwind and make sense of everything the saw that day.
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