Born Free Sportsman’s Cup

The best racing weekend that you probably missed.

Born Free Sportsman's Cup

This August the Born Free guys decided to throw a party for their racing friends and everyone was invited. There were a dozen or so classes of racing – from pit-bikes to tank-shifting flatheads to hooligan bikes, camping, a swap-meet and car-show, and great music from Gethen Jenkins and plenty of 805 beer.

Dimitre Coste Triumph 650
Look ma – no brakes! Dimitre Coste is all smiles on his ’67 650cc Triumph TR6C.
Alfonso Vasquez from the Speed Merchant hooligan team gets sideways on his Sportster.
Sportman's Cup Swap Meet
Every perfect Saturday deserves a swap meet!
Hooligan amateur and tattoo artist Justin Souza takes a checkered flag.
Pit bike racing!
Bryan Thompson and his 59 Ranchero
Bryan Thompson and his ’59 Ranchero trumpet hauler.
James Drummond gets a nosebleed on his hooligan bike.
James Drummond gets a nosebleed on his hooligan bike.
Little racers.
Proper parenting!
Jeff Moon's terrific 1940 WLDR racer.
In 1940 you could walk into a Harley Davidson showroom with $395 and leave with a factory race bike. Jeff Moon brought his beautiful WLDR to zip around the track like it was always meant to.
Dalton Walker's incredible toy hauler.
Dalton Walker brought his incredible toy hauler and Triumph chopper and also his wicked 1950 panhead to the show.
Tank shift racers at the Sportsmans Cup.
Racing tank-shift bikes requires full concentration. Jimmy White and Go Takamine hold their breath as the green flag drops.
Jimmy and Go after the race. True camaraderie.
Team Indian hooligan racer Leah Tokelove
British team Indian hooligan racer Leah Tokelove is faaaaaaast!
Dave Bush, Jordan Graham and Mark 'the Butcher' Atkins
Expert hooligan podium (L to R) Dave Bush, Jordan Graham and Mark ‘the Butcher’ Atkins
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