The Fred Steele Tudor

Historic and original 50’s show car.

Fred Steele Tudor

If you’re a hot-rodder on the East Coast you’ll undoubtedly have heard of the Ty-Rods – one of the original car clubs from the 1950’s and who are still running strong today. One of the original members, Fred Steele, built himself a 1928 Tudor show car back in 1958 and somehow it got preserved over many decades until being bought by northern-californian Marcus Edell in 2016.

Finds like these are really special. You just can’t duplicate this kind of authenticity, not for any price.
Marcus ressurected the old sedan with new brakes all around, pressurized radiator (it had a bone stock model-A radiator), new exhaust, nerf bars up front, push bars in the rear, new tail-light and new wheels and tires. After a tune-up and lots of polishing it was time to hit the shows and he’s put on over 2,000 miles hitting the Grand National Roadster Show and the Sacramento Autorama this year.
Mr. Edell is a curator of a couple of historic cars and has just picked up the Harry Costa ’41 Ford – a bay area historic kustom. Rumors have it that he needs room in the garage and the Fred Steele sedan can be bought for $32K. Sounds like a deal to me.
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