Canepa Motorsports Open House

Season opener in Scott Valley.

Canepa Cars and Coffee

Deep in the hills above Santa Cruz rests Bruce Canepa’s magical castle, stuffed with exotic automotive treasures and the rarest of the rare motorsports machinery. Legendary unicorns like the last 427 Cobra, the last Porsche 935 produced, the Leon Duray Miller Special, Dale Earnhardt’s NASCAR, and on and on.

The museum is open every day except Sunday but every second Saturday starting in April they hold a cars and coffee event and open the doors to the massive shop. Folks can walk around among the current inventory of Ferraris, Porsche 917s and other projects in various stages of restoration and even bring their own cars.

A robust variety of local’s cars at the season opener.

Inside the shop are an incredible variety of restoration projects in progress.

  • Canepa Shop Cars
    1967 Shelby Cobra 427

The highlight of the morning for me was walking around the enormous shop floor and peeking at the workbenches with rare parts and tools carefully resting for the weekend.

  • Canepa Workbench

And no trip to Canepa is complete without a lap of the for-sale room and museum. There are some historic and unbelievable cars here.

  • 2006 Ford GT
    2006 Ford GT

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