Easyriders Sacramento 2017

Big, Bad Bikerfest Hits Sac

Easyriders Show 2017

One of the great things about living in California is the year-round riding and temperatures in the 40s didn’t stop me and a few thousand others from riding into downtown Sacramento last weekend for the kickoff of the Easyriders bike show tour.

Once you park your bike and grab a ticket you find yourself in a lengthy line for the security pat-down. Seems security is pretty tight after a brawl broke out here in 2015. Finally you get inside, welcomed by clones of the bikes originally built by Cliff Vaughs and Ben Hardy for the Easyrider movie.

  • Easyriders Show 2017

The rest of the hall is full of vendors and every variety of custom Harley. From replica board-track racers to glittering baggers that look more like transformers than bikes.
For me, the standout display was from Andrew Ursich of Portside Garage showcasing not only his fresh Pink Panther build but also last year’s Easyriders Bike of the Year and also his first bike, the Brass Monkey sportster. These bikes look like magic candy jewelry and are even more stunning in person.
  • Pink Panther

Cool music, TV stars, tons of expensive beer and lots of colors. And some wicked bikes. Check it out.
  • Pink Panther

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