Monday Motorvation : Model T POWER

Rajo T

For today’s Motorvation Monday, check out Brian Blain’s very modified 1925 Ford Model-T Lakester. He’s running what looks like a 178ci 4-banger with Rajo BB-R heads (note the 2 spark plugs per head) with a homemade overhead cam conversion. These photos were taken at this year’s Race of Gentlemen at Pismo beach where this little bucket ran quick!

It’s also running 3 transmissions. The stock T, a vintage Muncie 3-speed, and Ruckstell 2-speed in the rearend. The 4-banger’s got a trio of Winfield SR carbs and we can tell it’s a real Rajo ‘BB-R’ head by by the absence of an intake heat port between the intake ports.

Rajo Joe (Joe Jagersberger of Racine, Wisconsin) made the hot set-up for the very early Model-T racers in the 1920s and ’30s. The Model B was an overhead-valve conversion, Model BB upped the compression, and the BB-R was the hottest of all with higher compression and 2 spark-plugs per cylinder.

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