Analog Run 2016

Bad jokes, good lies, waxing moons and fireflies.

Motorcycle and Tent

Anyone who loves riding motorcycles gets it.
All we’re really chasing is a little freedom, and those two-wheel moments slicing through some newly discovered back-road are about as close as we can get.
Sharing that freedom with friends takes the whole gig up a dozen notches. And folks are catching on. There are dozens of ‘runs’ with new ones popping up every year. Complete with sponsors, accommodations, bands and free wi-fi, these can attract hundreds of riders. But to capture the real magic you have to eliminate distractions, not add them. And that’s what the Analog Run is all about.

It’s built on the idea that disconnecting from the routine distractions of the world might be part of that elusive recipe for freedom. And it works. A curious thing happens when the cell phones are turned off. We’re forced to communicate and interact with the world and people that are right here with us – right now.
The riding on the run is central coast California back-roads. So it’s first-class. But the best moments are the connections after the riding. At the camp-grounds and the Union Hotel. Lots of laughs and 805 beer. And some magic tricks.
The Analog Run may not ever happen again. That would be a drag but we’re left with a lesson. Grab some fellow adventurers, put away the gadgets and hit the road. It’s not really a secret – and it works. Ride on.

All shots taken with 35mm film camera.

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  • Caleb Owens

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